U.S. Army Testing Three Overboot Prototypes for Extreme Cold Climates

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Military.com

The Army has chosen three companies to develop prototypes of insulated overboots which could replace the current Extreme Cold Weather Boot (ECWB).

According to a notice on FedBizOpps.gov, the ECWB in its current form has been “largely unmodified since the 1960s” and “uses outdated technology and manufacturing processes” that are not used anymore in the U.S. The boot is also known to be “heavy, bulky, and difficult to pack/carry.”

To determine what will replace the ECWB, Army officials intend to purchase 150 pairs of insulated overboots from each of the following manufacturers: Wiggy’s Inc., based in Grand Junction, CO, Outdoor Research out of Seattle, WA, and Original Footwear Co. in Stockton, CA. Per the notice, all contracts are anticipated to be fixed-price.

Army officials will “evaluate insulated overboot solutions with the potential to offer similar environmental protection at reduced weight/bulk.” The updated version will be referred to as the Extreme Cold Weather Overboot (ECWO).

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