U.S. Army Might Stop Issuing Dress Uniforms During Basic Training

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Military.com

Typically, the U.S. army will issue dress uniforms to new recruits at the beginning of their basic training regime. This may all be changing soon, though, as army officials are considering issuing new Army Greens uniforms to soldiers when they “go to their first unit,” instead of during training.

The service plans to begin issuing the WWII Pinks and Greens-inspired uniforms in summer 2020. However, instead of issuing them at the start of basic training as is tradition, things may be postponed until soldiers complete their Initial Entry Training, so the new uniforms are not given to soldiers who fail to complete the full training regime.

As stated by Col. Stephen Thomas, head of Project Manager Soldier Protection & Individual Equipment, it all “boils down to attrition.” From the “110,000 recruits who go to basic training” only around “104,000 make it to Advanced Individual Training,” Thomas said.

According to army officials, the Army Greens uniform will come at a higher cost than the current Army Service Uniform (ASU), but only because it’s of better quality. It should “last six years compared to the ASU’s four-year life.” Issuing the new uniforms later is another way the service plans to control costs.

Soldiers who have completed training will have until 2028 to purchase their new uniforms. After the Army Greens phase in is complete, the ASU will “become the service’s optional dress uniform.”

While issuing the uniforms later would also benefit the service’s drill sergeants, a final decision has yet to be made.

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