Combat Woodland Jacket
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ELKTON, MD, SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 – – The Combat Woodland Jacket (CWJ), manufactured by Short Bark Industries and designed with fabrics made by Gore and Milliken, was recently authorized to wear by the United States Marine Corps. This comfortable, lightweight, and windproof soft shell jacket, currently being procured in a desert camouflage pattern, is designed to provide Marines with enhanced weather protection from the environmental challenges encountered in woodland operations.

Made in the USA, it is constructed of a water-resistant fabric designed with strategically placed stretch zones for enhanced flexibility and mobility. Different fabrics have been customized for use in each part of the jacket so that the wearer receives the highest level of protection and comfort throughout changing weather conditions.

Moisture-wicking linings and highly breathable fabrics reduce heat stress during the day and help maintain a steady core body temperature at night. Water-resistant relief zippers, fasteners, and adjustment hardware are made of non-corroding materials. All fabrics used in the jacket contain NIR suppressing technology to reduce the wearer’s signature at night, and is durable for the life of the product.

“Marines that were issued the desert camouflage version of this jacket have personally experienced the comfort and weather protection it offers,” says Tim Quinn, Product Specialist at Gore. “The Combat Desert Jacket has received excellent reviews from Marines for providing an ideal combination of environmental protection and comfort. Providing this jacket in the woodland camouflage pattern was a natural evolution of product offering to help enhance the mission effectiveness of Marines.”

Gore plays a pivotal role in providing durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable GORE-TEX products to the United States Marine Corp. They continue to support improving the mission effectiveness of warfighters through innovation with a broad range of fabric technologies that offer distinct capabilities in various weather conditions and mission sets.

The Combat Woodland Jacket will be available for purchase through PX’s this fall and will be on display at the upcoming Modern Day Marine, September 24-26 at Booth 1423.

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