The SMA Responds To Soldiers Uniform Requests

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Beards, World War II style uniforms, and nail polish and earrings (for female troops) rank among the most popular uniform changes requested by soldiers.

Army Times recently polled readers to find out what soldiers want to wear while on-duty. They sent these suggestions to Dan Dailey, Sergeant Major of the Army, to see which might fly.

Many soldiers want to completely eliminate the beret, Army Times reported. Dailey, however, believes it should be worn on occasions and looks particularly striking when paired with a blue uniform.

Velcro was also pretty unpopular. Fortunately, the Army is already looking into velcro-free uniforms, Dailey confirmed.

Much of the requests — including throwback uniforms, one-piece flight suits, and collars with rank — seek to reinstate previous military wear. Unfortunately, Dailey doesn’t see these pieces making a come back anytime soon.

See the full list here.