Retired Army General and Sergeant Support the Pinks and Greens Uniform

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Army Times

The Army is planning to move away from its current dress blues to a newly updated version of the 1920s pinks and greens uniform, which was retired in the 1950s.

The proposed new uniforms will consist of a green jacket and tan pants for both men and women, with women also having the option to purchase a skirt and pumps.

Final prototypes have been tested, and while there are plenty of critics on either side, younger officers and soldiers’ have been providing positive responses to the potential uniform change.

To avoid incurring additional out-of-pocket costs for those who are currently enlisted (and for senior officers and NCOs), the phase-in period will be longer than average. The Army may also delay the issue of new uniforms to troops until they successfully complete entry training.

The new pinks and greens uniform “is expected to have a 33 percent longer wear life.”

Retired Gen. Carter F. Ham and Retired Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston approve of the uniform change, stating that “America’s Army needs a uniform that is its own, that is readily identifiable by the citizens the Army serves. The uniform should create a positive, professional public image for the Army at a time when many Americans know little about their Army, and couldn’t tell the difference between a soldier or a police officer. The greens uniform does all of that.”

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