Navy Testing New Working Uniforms for Sailors

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Navy Times

The U.S. Fleet Forces Command is overseeing testing of its new, two-piece fire-retardant uniforms to benefit sea-duty sailors or those working in operational units. The uniforms were developed to be worn by sailors at sea, in port, and during commutes off base, reducing the number of clothing changes required each day.

In addition to testing the new style, officials are also testing out three new color schemes. E-7 ranks and above will be testing khaki uniforms to and from work, while E-6 and under will test two uniforms: a navy blue top and trousers and a light blue top and trousers. Sailors testing the new uniforms will be issued four shirts and trousers, each in their assigned color scheme. They will also be testing flame resistant, moisture-wicking undershirts in four different colors.

Uniforms will be untucked, but the shirts and trousers can be easily tucked or bloused. While testing the updated uniforms, sailors will also wear a wide rigger’s belt, their existing ball caps, and their pin-on rank, insignia, and name tags. However, no new boots will be supplied for wear with the new uniforms. Testing of the new uniforms will run until September, with feedback about the new uniforms being collected by coordinators for each command and on the FFC’s website.

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