Marine Corps Approves Boots in 7 Brand-New Styles

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates


Recently, the Marine Corps made updates to its list of authorized boots, giving marines an opportunity to test out new styles. The revised list was delivered via a “service-wide administrative message.”

Seven brand-new styles were added to the list, making for a total of 16 different boot types marines can choose from.

Below are the new boot types:

Rugged All-Terrain

  • Bates – No. 29502
  • Wellco – No. E114


  • Bates – No. E30502


  • Danner – Reckoning, style No. 53221
  • Bates – No. E50501 for men and No. E57501 for women
  • Danner – Marine Expeditionary Boot (MEB), style No. 53111
  • Danner – MEB, style No. 53110

In addition to the list of authorized boots, marines may also be required to wear “special-issue footwear, such as safety or flight boots, that are mission specific.”

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