Looking Forward to 2018

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Here at Gore Military Fabrics, the first week of January marks both the end of a year in which we launched several new products designed to support our war fighters in battle and the beginning of a new year dedicated to the same mission.

Whether perfecting a new uniform material engineered to support combat effectiveness in the Pacific rim, or working with brand partners on cold weather ensembles designed for wear in the Antarctic, Gore is dedicated to developing fabrics and garments that will help our war fighters win and prevail, regardless of the conditions.

With this mission in mind, 2017 was an amazing year. Below is a quick look at a few of the articles that describe technologies and products unveiled in 2017 to support our troops around the world:

GORE Katana Fabric ….. At AUSA 2017, Katana Takes Center Stage

GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology – at AUSA

GORE PYRAD and CHEMPAK – Addressing the Need for Protective Gear

goretwitterIn 2017, Gore Military Fabrics News also launched several social media platforms and you are encouraged to follow us through the links below:





Back to 2018 – in a few short weeks, products developed with W. L. Gore & Associates materials by our brand partners will be showcased at SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas. And later this year you can meet us at Modern Day Marine and AUSA, to name just a few of the shows we’ll be attending.


As all great Generals know, winning is possible on the battlefield with dedicated soldiers and the right tools, and at Gore, supporting our troops with best-in-class material tools is our highest mission. While our greatest hope is peace, we know that our troops are, above all, the peace keepers who keep us safe through times of peace and times of peril. We are grateful for their service.

From all of us at Gore Military Fabrics, we want to wish our war fighters, our brand partners, the militaries we serve around the globe and the world a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!