Finally – a Combat Uniform Fabric Designed for Hot Climates

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Not all combat uniform fabrics are created equal. The standard material used across the board in today’s US military is made from a 50/50 Nylon/Cotton (NYCO) blend that has great durability, but doesn’t dry quickly when wet. It also doesn’t breathe well in humid or arid hot environments.

Given potential (and current) conflicts brewing in both desert and tropical hot spots around the globe, the US military recently issued a development request asking the textile industry for a new fabric more suitable for those climates with superior durability as well as water resistance and low water pick-up.

wlg-t-052a  wlg-t-052b

In response, the Military Fabrics business at W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) developed an innovative new fabric that incorporates ePTFE as a fiber. We call it GORE® Katana Fabric.

Introduced to global markets this spring, 2016, GORE® Katana Fabric is very different from any other product that Gore, to date, has made for the military and incorporates a long list of outstanding characteristics that support mission success in hot climates.

For starters, it’s hydrophobic, dries quickly, wicks and is supple yet is also highly durable. In summary, this fabric is designed to go where no other fabric has gone before.

GORE® Katana Fabric is another example of Gore’s commitment to developing fabric technologies that support mission success. We’re excited about the difference GORE® Katana Fabric can make for war fighters in the field and encourage you to learn more.

Click here to view the full GORE® Katana Fabric datasheet.