A New Class of Footwear for Law Enforcement in Europe

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Imagine a heavy-duty shoe that’s fully waterproof but breathes and wicks moisture away from your entire foot, keeping your feet comfortable and dry all the way around, even in conditions where you’d normally be working up a sock-drenching sweat.

The textile scientists at W. L. Gore & Associates imagined just exactly that, and with that purpose in mind, invented a new footwear component called GORE-TEX SURROUND® Product Technology, engineered for tactical applications as well as for safety footwear (safety standard S3).

gore-tex-surround-pieceHighly breathable yet fully waterproof, GORE-TEX SURROUND® Product Technology wicks moisture away from the entire foot. Yes – the entire foot — and that includes the bottom of one’s feet.

Gore rolled out GORE-TEX SURROUND® for hikers in the fall of 2014 and hiking boots engineered with this technology have been adopted by several Gore brand partners including Mammut, Adidas, the North Face and Cabela’s.

GORE-TEX SURROUND® is now available in Europe in footwear designed for law enforcement and is being described as the first shoe technology of its kind to offer 360° breathability in addition to durable waterproofness for police officers there.

GORE-TEX SURROUND® Product Technology is especially useful for officers working in demanding environments that require standing, walking and running in a wide variety of conditions and climates while wearing protective footwear.

gore-tex-surround-3The technology is earning high marks and positive reviews, including a recent article in Soldier Systems, which said boots made with GORE-TEX SURROUND® will keep police officers’ feet “dry and comfortable even at higher temperatures.” Boots in the EU designed for law enforcement with GORE-TEX SURROUND® meet the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012.

GORE-TEX SURROUND® is just one more functional comfort innovation from labs at Gore. You can learn more at:





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