Gore’s Product Experts Speak to Industry

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

In 2017, W. L. Gore & Associates’ scientists and product specialists were invited to speak at several industry conferences. This includes The SAFE Symposium, which provides an international exchange of technical information about safety apparel and equipment technologies.

The SAFE Symposium includes technical paper and panel sessions, workshops, lectures and product demonstrations.

This fall at the 2017 SAFE SYMPOSIUM, W. L. Gore’s Wally Nelson was a presenter, discussing flame resistant (FR) garments worn by personnel in a wide variety of industries, including fire service, military and private industry.

“Historically,” said Nelson, “older generation FR materials have provided good protection during exposure to heat and flame, but under-perform in other areas such as comfort and durability. In addition, garments made with traditional FR fabrics are not colorfast and tend to be hot, heavy, bulky, expensive and not durable when exposed to abrasion.”

In response, Gore has developed FR fabrics that don’t force the user to make tradeoffs associated with traditional FR fabrics. Gore’s foundational knowledge of material science, market experience with delivering FR fabrics for fire service and military personnel and state-of-the-art Heat and Flame Protection Sciences Laboratory were employed in the development process. The result was GORE® PYRAD® Flame Retardant fabrics.

GORE® PYRAD® apparel being subjected to PYROMAN testing.

Examples of protective outerwear products made from GORE® PYRAD® cited by Nelson included the GORE-TEX PYRAD® Hard Shell Jacket and the GORE® PYRAD® Lightweight Loft Jacket.

GORE® PYRAD® is a family of revolutionary new fabric products that offer enhanced functionality and protection against incidental heat and flame threats without tradeoffs in comfort, durability, and colorfastness. This technology offers a unique blend of flame resistance, thermal insulation and thermal stability. Garments made with GORE® PYRAD® fabric are also light weight, fast drying, abrasion resistant, and available in various colors and print patterns.

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