Gore among suppliers of material for US Army CTAPS project

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Shephard Media

The Army is moving forward with its plans to design preliminary clothing for its Cold Temperature and Arctic Protective System (CTAPS) program. The army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Command (NSRDEC) outlined plans for its ‘prototype effort in a combined synopsis/solicitation’ on August 31.

The CTAPS program is anticipated to be a full outfit that will provide protection from the elements in cold temperatures from -65 F to +45 degrees F (-54 C to 7 degrees C). The goal of the program is to improve soldiers’ ability to survive in cold climates, while providing them with enhanced mobility, utility, and lethality using the least possible number of clothing layers.

Per August’s announcement, the NSRDEC identified ‘performance gaps’ and is currently ‘examining new technology and design improvements’ in an attempt to improve upon the Army’s 2000-era Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS Gen III). The NSRDEC is working on concepts for three possible cold weather uniforms.

A fixed-priced contract will be awarded to one ‘innovative clothing design/cut/sew supplier’ to produce 84 Wet Weather Experimental Jackets and Trousers in six sizes, 78 Extreme Cold Experimental Parkas and Trousers in four sizes, and 100 Superfine Knit Shirts and Trousers also in six sizes, with each item being delivered by December 21 for a winter 2018-2019 field test. Results from the 2018-2019 test will determine whether or not they will move forward with development.

Gore is among the providers of fabric for the wet weather ensemble.

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