ChemBio and Advanced Combat Fabrics at AUSA

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

At the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting and Expo in Washington, DC, W. L. Gore & Associates introduced a new uniform fabric to the world designed for both comfort and high durability. Made from a combination of nylon, cotton and ePTFE fibers, this innovation is called Excalibur and it’s the newest addition to Gore’s new line of Advanced Combat Fabrics.

The first fabric in that line was Katana, which we wrote about in last week’s blog entry, AT AUSA 2017, KATANA TAKES CENTER STAGE.

Katana has a 25% ePTFE fiber component and was developed for wear in hot, tropical environments such as those found in the Pacific Rim. It’s highly breathable, designed for low water pickup and exceptionally durable.  Excalibur has similar characteristics but is made from a lower component of ePTFE (18%) and developed for use across a wider variety of climates. Both Katana and Excalibur are no melt-no drip.

You can learn more about Excalibur in the article below from Soldier Systems.

Gore’s Advanced Combat Fabric line was also featured during AUSA 17 in National Defense Magazine, article link below.

And at AUSA we introduced Gore’s new ChemBio protective garment, GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology. Designed for wear and optimal performance in chemically hazardous environments, GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology provides protection against a broad range of chemical threats in liquid, vapor and aerosol form.

Gore filmed a video at AUSA 2017 that describes GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology in detail. Highlights include the fact that it’s designed for both safety and comfort, has a reduced weight and pack volume than its predecessor and is designed to reduce heat stress. You can learn more in our video on the new Gore Military Fabrics YouTube channel.

Overall, AUSA 2017 was a great show for Gore Military Fabrics and the ideal opportunity to showcase the many innovations we continue to develop for the military.

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