See Us at AUSA Oct. 9 to 11

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates will introduce its latest military fabrics innovations at the AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Oct. 9-11, in Washington, DC.

At the show we will showcase GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric with stretch technology, which is used in the CPCSU-2. GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric delivers protection against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards in liquid, vapor and aerosol form.

Our new soft, flexible GORE® Advanced Uniform Fabric will also be on display. This fabric innovation offers an ideal combination of improved breathability, faster drying time and superior strength without melting or dripping during flash-fire incidents.

Products developed by the GORE® Military Fabrics team in Europe will be on display.

At AUSA, Gore will also feature its expanded catalog of GORE® Cables and Materials for ground vehicles and aircraft that deliver failure-free performance in any military defense operation. This includes small, lightweight high data rate cables; high-frequency coaxial and microwave/RF assemblies; robust power and signal delivery cables; durable aircraft sealants; and excellent EMI shielding materials.
Attendees at AUSA are invited to visit us at Booth 2733 to learn more. Additional details can be found at

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