At AUSA 2017, Katana Takes Center Stage

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

At last week’s annual AUSA Army show in Washington, DC, W. L. Gore & Associates’ Military Fabrics team showcased several new and innovative technologies. The booth was busy throughout the show, and one product that generated a great amount of attention from visitors and media outlets alike was Katana, Gore’s revolutionary new military uniform fabric.

Katana is one of the first products developed by W. L Gore & Associates that uses ePTFE in fiber form. The typical uniform fiber blend is 50% nylon, 50% cotton. Katana is made from a blend of 37% nylon, 37% cotton and 25% ePTFE. The result is a hydrophobic fabric that doesn’t easily gain water from perspiration or the elements. It dries much faster than the typical NYCO uniform fabric blend and is also air permeable, yet highly durable.

Katana is currently used in the high-tech LEAF uniforms Arc’teryx has developed for use by special forces and was on display at a reception held at the Arc’teryx store in Washington, DC, on the first night of AUSA 2017.

Cheryl Booth, a product manager for Gore Military Fabrics, filmed a video about Katana at our booth at AUSA 2017 that you can view below to learn more. And be sure to read the article from Kit Up! about Katana, link also below.

According to Kit Up! Katana represents “a major shift from the GORE-TEX products that have made W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. a giant in the outerwear industry.” The Kit Up! article adds: “Katana-based garments are designed for hot weather – both hot and dry and hot and tropical.”

By the way, if you are wondering why Gore named this amazing fabric Katana, the answer is simple. Katana was a traditional Japanese sword used by the Samurai of ancient Japan. The name fits, given Katana’s unique ability to support today’s war fighters on tough missions.

You can learn more about Katana below:

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