The Army Has a New Name for “Pinks and Greens” Inspired Uniform

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Stars and Stripes

According to Sgt. Major of the Army Dan Dailey, American soldiers will not be calling their new dress uniforms “Pinks and Greens,” but rather, “Army Greens.” While on a visit to Camp Zama in Japan, Dailey stated, “Pinks and Greens is a World War II nickname.”

Earlier in November, the Army announced that it would officially adopt the new design, which features brown pants with a pinkish tint and olive-colored jackets and is based on a World War II design as the new service uniform.

Officials anticipate rollout of the Army Greens uniform to begin in the summer of 2020, with all soldiers being required to wear it by 2028.

Army Recruiters will be the first to receive debut the new uniform to the public, Dailey added. He also noted that after a phase-in period, all active duty soldiers, including those in the National Guard and Army Reserve, will wear the new uniform.

The Army’s current uniform will not be entirely phased out. Instead, it will be worn as a dress uniform.

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