Army Greens Uniform Finally Approved

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Army Times

On Veterans Day, the Army announced that the highly-anticipated “Army Greens” will be the next uniform for members of the service.

According to a release on the service’s official website, Army Greens, which were formerly referred to as “Pinks and Greens” in the original iteration during World War II, may be available for all Army personnel as early as 2020.

When the new uniform goes Army-wide, the current Army Blues Uniform, or ABUs, will “return to being a formal dress uniform,” as stated in the Army release. The Army Greens will then function as “the everyday business-wear uniform for all soldiers.”

As for the cost of the Army Greens, Army officials state that it will be “cost-neutral,” due to a strategic fielding plan and higher quality materials.

To complete the Army Green uniform, brown leather oxfords and pants will be required for men and women, although women will also have the option of wearing a pencil skirt and pumps. Leather bomber jackets will also be available for outerwear.

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