Army Greens Delayed Until 2020

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates


In a Veteran’s Day announcement posted on the Army’s website on November 11, the service notified the public that that soldiers will not be required to buy the new Army Greens uniform (formerly referred to as Pinks and Greens) until 2028.

Apart from the timeline, the announcement did not provide much information in regards to instructions, costs, or even uniform components. No comments from the Sergeant Major, Dan Dailey, were included, either.

It is also still unknown if airborne units will be able to participate in this tradition, given that their current jump boots are black, and the Army Greens’ footwear is brown.

One thing the announcement did state, however, is that new soldiers will start to receive their Army Greens as early as “the summer of 2020.” As for those currently enlisted, it is unknown when they will be able to purchase the uniform.

One of the Army’s uniform manufacturers, Marlow White, has a page dedicated to the Army Greens on its website, but that offers little information, too.

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