Air Force Confirms There Is No Subliminal Message in Announcements for New Uniforms

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates


The United States Air Force will adopt the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) used by the Army for its new combat uniforms and plans to phase it in starting on October 1. To differentiate itself from the Army, the Air Force will use a “spice” brown for name tape, patches, and insignia.

Images used during the announcement of the new uniforms depicted an airman wearing a “Snowden” nametape. While Air Force officials say there are no subliminal messages, upon seeing images of the uniform, readers speculated about the use of the name. However, according to officials, the nametape belonged to Senior Master Sgt. Snowden. Air Force officials did not reveal her first name.

The Air Force is retiring the Airman Battle Uniform over the next three years and plans to replace it with the OCP. All airmen are expected to be wearing the new pattern by April of 2021. The transition is expected to cost approximately $237 million.

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