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Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

This week at Milipol Paris 2017, W. L. Gore & Associates’ Military Fabrics team will showcase our latest innovative technologies engineered to support mission success for law enforcement, CBRN and Special Forces. The leading event in Europe for homeland security, it’s the perfect stage. Milipol takes place on November 21-24, 2017 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre in Paris, France, and is attended by more than 20,000 visitors and journalists and nearly 1,000 exhibitors. Here, visitors can see and learn about these Gore cutting-edge fabric technologies:

  • GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Boot: A breathable, waterproof daily duty boot that features an abrasion-resistant, three-layer GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Laminate. The laminate withstands 100,000 abrasion movements when dry and 50,000 abrasion movements when wet. That’s four times as many as the current standard.
  • GORE-TEX® Product Technology: Ergonomic, lightweight weather protection garments that are simultaneously breathable and insulating while protecting against rain and wind. This technology is physiologically optimized to release heat and moisture, which keeps heat stress at a minimum.
  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER®: This lightweight garment provides cold weather protection in extreme temperatures. GORE® WINDSTOPPER®’s five-layered fabric structure features a water-repellent, windproof, breathable laminate that envelopes a multilayered insulation.
  • GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology: Self-extinguishing, fire retardant (FR) garments with no melt / no drip technology. This FR technology reduces the severity of injuries when compared to FR-treated cotton and polyester blends.
  • GORE® ePTFE Technology: This blend of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene), nylon and cotton fibers offers a combination of air permeability, fast drying time and strength-to-weight ratio and will not melt or drip during flash-fire incidents. The enhanced microclimate air circulation reduces perspiration and overheating, thus making it essential in hot climates.
  • GORE® CHEMPAK®: Protective clothing made with advanced, breathable ePTFE-based chemical and biological protective film. These vapor-permeable garments release perspiration while guarding against hazardous chemical and biological warfare agents. GORE® CHEMPAK®’s thin, lightweight material significantly reduces weight and pack volume without sacrificing durability.

Meet us in Hall 6 at Stand F 161 to see and learn about these innovations, and be sure to watch this amazing advance video!

Learn more about Milipol here.

ChemBio and Advanced Combat Fabrics at AUSA

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

At the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting and Expo in Washington, DC, W. L. Gore & Associates introduced a new uniform fabric to the world designed for both comfort and high durability. Made from a combination of nylon, cotton and ePTFE fibers, this innovation is called Excalibur and it’s the newest addition to Gore’s new line of Advanced Combat Fabrics.

The first fabric in that line was Katana, which we wrote about in last week’s blog entry, AT AUSA 2017, KATANA TAKES CENTER STAGE.

Katana has a 25% ePTFE fiber component and was developed for wear in hot, tropical environments such as those found in the Pacific Rim. It’s highly breathable, designed for low water pickup and exceptionally durable.  Excalibur has similar characteristics but is made from a lower component of ePTFE (18%) and developed for use across a wider variety of climates. Both Katana and Excalibur are no melt-no drip.

You can learn more about Excalibur in the article below from Soldier Systems.

Gore’s Advanced Combat Fabric line was also featured during AUSA 17 in National Defense Magazine, article link below.

And at AUSA we introduced Gore’s new ChemBio protective garment, GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology. Designed for wear and optimal performance in chemically hazardous environments, GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology provides protection against a broad range of chemical threats in liquid, vapor and aerosol form.

Gore filmed a video at AUSA 2017 that describes GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology in detail. Highlights include the fact that it’s designed for both safety and comfort, has a reduced weight and pack volume than its predecessor and is designed to reduce heat stress. You can learn more in our video on the new Gore Military Fabrics YouTube channel.

Overall, AUSA 2017 was a great show for Gore Military Fabrics and the ideal opportunity to showcase the many innovations we continue to develop for the military.

Learn more about Gore Military Fabrics below:

Soldier Systems

GORE CHEMPAK with Stretch Technology on YouTube

National Defense

At AUSA 2017, Katana Takes Center Stage

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

At last week’s annual AUSA Army show in Washington, DC, W. L. Gore & Associates’ Military Fabrics team showcased several new and innovative technologies. The booth was busy throughout the show, and one product that generated a great amount of attention from visitors and media outlets alike was Katana, Gore’s revolutionary new military uniform fabric.

Katana is one of the first products developed by W. L Gore & Associates that uses ePTFE in fiber form. The typical uniform fiber blend is 50% nylon, 50% cotton. Katana is made from a blend of 37% nylon, 37% cotton and 25% ePTFE. The result is a hydrophobic fabric that doesn’t easily gain water from perspiration or the elements. It dries much faster than the typical NYCO uniform fabric blend and is also air permeable, yet highly durable.

Katana is currently used in the high-tech LEAF uniforms Arc’teryx has developed for use by special forces and was on display at a reception held at the Arc’teryx store in Washington, DC, on the first night of AUSA 2017.

Cheryl Booth, a product manager for Gore Military Fabrics, filmed a video about Katana at our booth at AUSA 2017 that you can view below to learn more. And be sure to read the article from Kit Up! about Katana, link also below.

According to Kit Up! Katana represents “a major shift from the GORE-TEX products that have made W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. a giant in the outerwear industry.” The Kit Up! article adds: “Katana-based garments are designed for hot weather – both hot and dry and hot and tropical.”

By the way, if you are wondering why Gore named this amazing fabric Katana, the answer is simple. Katana was a traditional Japanese sword used by the Samurai of ancient Japan. The name fits, given Katana’s unique ability to support today’s war fighters on tough missions.

You can learn more about Katana below:

Kit Up!

Cheryl Booth Talks Katana on YouTube

See Us at AUSA Oct. 9 to 11

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates will introduce its latest military fabrics innovations at the AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Oct. 9-11, in Washington, DC.

At the show we will showcase GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric with stretch technology, which is used in the CPCSU-2. GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric delivers protection against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards in liquid, vapor and aerosol form.

Our new soft, flexible GORE® Advanced Uniform Fabric will also be on display. This fabric innovation offers an ideal combination of improved breathability, faster drying time and superior strength without melting or dripping during flash-fire incidents.

Products developed by the GORE® Military Fabrics team in Europe will be on display.

At AUSA, Gore will also feature its expanded catalog of GORE® Cables and Materials for ground vehicles and aircraft that deliver failure-free performance in any military defense operation. This includes small, lightweight high data rate cables; high-frequency coaxial and microwave/RF assemblies; robust power and signal delivery cables; durable aircraft sealants; and excellent EMI shielding materials.
Attendees at AUSA are invited to visit us at Booth 2733 to learn more. Additional details can be found at

You can also stay up to-date on the latest news about GORE® Military Fabrics and our exhibit at the 2017 AUSA Conference through:

Our Twitter site
AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition 2017
and PRWEB:
Gore Exhibiting Next-Gen Fabrics and High-Performance Cables & Materials

Joint Camo Pattern Just A Rumor

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Defense News

While rumors of each branch of the military switching to the same uniform pattern have swirled for years, Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell put those rumors to rest at a recent Air Force Association conference panel.  Troxell stated definitively that there are no plans for a joint uniform pattern, adding that while the standard principles of war still apply, each service has a different culture and way of doing business.


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Navy Rolling Out New Uniform

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Source: Navy Times

The Navy announced a two-year rollout plan for putting the new Navy Working Uniform Type IIIs in every sailor’s seabag. The transition went into effect Oct. 1 and ends on the same date in 2019, when everyone in the service will be required to have the green uniform in their seabags — and the current “blueberries” will be no more.


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Addressing the Need for Protective Gear

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

The rules of engagement in the world of protective gear are changing. Chemical warfare, for example, is no longer just a possibility. It’s a growing offshore battlefield threat and a Homeland Security concern as well. Meanwhile other disasters, including a growing number of 100-year floods and massive hurricanes, appear to be on the rise.

These and other factors have increased the need for protective gear worn by the personnel brought in to mop up chemical spills, or work in other dangerous, contaminated environments. Recent events in the world, prefaced by two US Army events this past summer attended by W. L. Gore & Associates’ ChemBio teams, underscore this fact.

At the 2017 CBRN Exhibition held at Fort Lenard Wood, Missouri, Gore’s ChemBio scientists and product experts showcased several life-protecting innovations, including their ground-breaking protective outerwear, made from GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric with stretch technology. CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear. Garments made from this fabric are ideal for operations that potentially involve chemical and biological threats in vapor, aerosol and liquid form.

Fort Wood is training headquarters for the U.S. Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear school. The fourth annual CBRN Exhibition was hosted by the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA) and took place during the CBRN Senior Executive Leader’s Symposium at Fort Wood. The Exhibition coincides with briefings with the commandant of the training school. It was an important setting to discuss the multiple protective capabilities of Gore’s chemical and biological protective fabric solutions.

chempak-fabricDesigned for increased mobility and to remain highly protective against ChemBio hazards during physically-demanding missions, the GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric is lightweight and flexible, providing wearers with unencumbered movement, increased range of movement and improved peripheral visibility. The fabric’s breathable performance helps minimize thermal impact by allowing perspiration vapor (sweat) to escape and the stretch construction of the close-fitting undergarment provides additional comfort by eliminating the thermal insulating layer that surrounds your body.

Applications include search and rescue, SWAT and high-risk entry, hazardous material emergency missions, WMD or terrorist incidents and contamination and decontamination.

The CBRN Exhibition at Fort Wood is considered one of the leading gatherings of US military, government, academic and industry leadership in the CBRN and WMD (weapons of mass destruction) sectors. The Exhibition is a showcase for leading technologies and practices that can be used to by the defense industry and others in the event of a nuclear disaster, chemical warfare event or ChemBio disaster.

GORE® CHEMPAK® products were also showcased a few weeks ago at the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA)-CBRN defense Conference and Exhibition, which took place in August in Wilmington, Delaware. The purpose of that annual show is to promote the exchange of new scientific, technical and operational information to defense, private industry and homeland security decision makers. Here, Gore’s ChemBio team brought samples of their new protective outerwear designed with GORE® CHEMPAK® with stretch technology.

For over 30 years, Gore has been a pioneer developing high-performance barrier fabrics for the military, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS personnel and more and staying at the forefront of R&D in protective gear is a key mission.

For more information, you can go to: GORE® Chemical/Biological Protective Clothing System 


Safety Gear for All Reasons

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Finding safety gear that meets multiple criteria needs has always been a challenge for military and corporate safety apparel procurers.

In the past, soldiers – or private industry workers exposed to rain, wind, snow and fire hazards – have had to sacrifice one protective quality for another, or give up comfort for FR apparel that provides adequate protection against the elements.

It’s a dilemma, but one that can now live in the past with the introduction of GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology to the world of safety apparel. And with this advance, products such as Drifire’s new FR Rain Jacket and Pant made from Gore’s revolutionary, self-extinguishing PYRAD® fabric are now entering the market.



Since the mid 1990’s, Drifire has specialized in bringing first-generation, moisture-management FR products to market, primarily targeted toward a military audience. GORE PYRAD®, which is not only self-extinguishing but also windproof, waterproof and breathes, is a perfect fit with Drifire’s mission.

By eliminating flame propagation, adding thermal insulation and maintaining thermal stability, GORE® PYRAD® fabric technologies deliver protection against flash fires, pool fires, electric arcs, hot water and high pressure steam splash, in addition to hot molten liquid splash hazards.

drifire-logoThe Drifire jacket features internal pockets, a removable hood and a bias cut that overlaps the pant. In addition to providing FR protection, this safety rain suit is durable, and also made from a fabric flexible and comfortable enough to support ease of movement.

PYRAD® has passed multiple torch and fire tests at the famed NC State College of Textiles Pyroman lab and the Drifire jacket and pant were recently the focus of a brief article in Soldier Systems.

The Drifire PYRAD® FR rain jacket and pant will be available this fall.

For more information on the Drifire PYRAD® FR rain jacket and pant and GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology go to:

Soldier Systems

NC State Pyroman Labs



Flame Resistant | FR Clothing | DRIFIRE

Testing Beyond the Limits: Gore’s New Heat and Flame Protection Laboratory

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Injuries from explosives and other fire hazards on the battlefield represent one of the toughest dangers facing war fighters today. Burn-related hospital stays are often long and expensive. But the impact of a fire injury on a war fighter is potentially much greater and can have devastating, life-altering, debilitating consequences.

Ever wary of this battlefield menace, the US Department of Defense is continually looking for Fire Retardant and Flame Resistant (FR) gear that can provide multiple levels of protection. In response, W.L. Gore & Associates is investing heavily in the time, talent and testing capabilities to support their commitment to the development of next-gen FR. gorepressevent-riley-lab600x400

For decades, Gore has been at the forefront of the development of next generation heat and flame protective textiles and to this end, last fall unveiled a new, state-of-the-art Heat and Flame Protection Laboratory. Housed at Gore’s headquarters in Elkton, Maryland, USA, the new lab allows Gore’s textile scientists to precisely measure and analyze the ability of the new materials they’ve developed for three key elements of burn protection: flame resistance, thermal insulation and thermal stability.

The lab is four times the size of Gore’s former heat and flame testing lab at 1,350 square feet and is home to a new generation of high tech testing equipment and technology.

In a presentation at the annual AATCC International 2017 Conference, held this year in Wilmington, NC, USA, Gore scientist Mustafa Arifoglu discussed the new lab’s capabilities.

This includes a Micro Combustion Calorimeter, Cone Calorimeter, testing for Thermal Protection Performance (TPP) and the technology to conduct the Stored Energy Test (SET), Vertical Flame Test, the Folded Edge Flame Test and the Surface Impingement Test.

gorepressevent-riley600x400These in-house capabilities support Gore’s development of novel heat and flame protection technologies at the component, laminate and composite level and include the ability to measure Flame Resistance, Thermal Insulation and Thermal Stability.

The new lab also underscores Gore’s science-based culture and history as a developer of advanced materials that enhance performance and provide protection in even the harshest and most demanding environments. This includes gear and uniforms for the military, as well as firefighters, oil and gas workers and police officers.

GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology, a self-extinguishing fabric developed recently by Gore, is just one FR innovation from Gore’s Heat & Flame Protection scientists. GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology delivers protection beyond ASTM F1891 and ASTM F2733 requirements and its revolutionary self-extinguishing properties provide durable and comfortable protection while additionally protecting the wearer from incidental heat and flame injury.

The new lab can set the stage for yet even more advanced FR capabilities. This applies not only to personnel apparel and outerwear, but tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and other textile materials commonly needed in battle.

For more information on the new labs, Gore’s Heat and Flame Protection Technologies, and the Fire and Safety Unit, go to:

GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology

Gore Heat and Flame Protection Testing Laboratory

Gore’s Fire and Safety Unit


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