GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ fabric at Modern Day Marine and AUSA

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

Incredible Fit, Enthusiastic Response

This year at AUSA and Modern Day Marine, W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) introduced the military community to GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ fabric, an amazing new fabric that fits perfectly without restricting movement, whether worn alone or over insulative layers.

It’s a major advancement, and a product that generated a lot of interest.

GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ fabric is designed to offer weatherproof protection with the added benefit of durable stretch and recovery.  A highly versatile material, GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ reduces the number of jackets a war fighter has to carry into a conflict zone.  It accommodates a wide variety of temperatures and conditions because it fits equally well alone or over insulative layers, thus removing the need to carry two or three jackets into battle. Durably waterproof and windproof, it’s also highly breathable. So it’s no surprise that GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ won strong reviews at both shows, as well as a great deal of press, including the story you can link to below in Soldiersystems.net

“GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ fabric is a new technology for military and consumer garment applications that is form fitting and enhanced freedom of movement.  The durable weather protection it offers ensures the user and under layers remain dry and comfortable by leveraging the GORE-TEX(R) brand promise of durable waterproof, windproof and breathable protection,” said Jason Rodriguez, marketing communications manager for Gore’s Military Fabric’s division.

“GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ is a great fabric advancement for the GORE-TEX® brand and generated a great deal of interest and excitement for both tactical and consumer applications during Modern Day Marine and AUSA.  We are certainly looking to work closely with the various military branches to determine how it can be integrated into various clothing systems.”

He added that GORE-TEX® FLEX2FIT™ also reduces noise signature.

Two brands that will begin selling jackets made from FLEX2FIT are Outdoor Research and Beyond Clothing.

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Advanced Chemical and Biological Protective Clothing and FLEX2FIT™ Introduced at AUSA and Modern Day Marine

Written by W. L. Gore & Associates

The W. L. Gore and Associates Military Fabrics team has been on the road the past few weeks, with trade shows at Modern Day Marine in Quantico, Virginia, and AUSA in Washington, DC.

At both we showcased our new portfolio of advanced chemical and biological (chem/bio) GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric protective clothing, plus FLEX2FIT™, a new ePTFE-based fabric innovation that provides greater maneuverability, with less weight, than current outerwear worn by today’s war fighter. GORE® Katana fabric, designed to enhance mission success in hot and wet environments, was also on display.

img_8489All three were very well received and represent yet another new generation of advanced military fabrics products from Gore’s team of textile scientists.

“The reaction from the audience to these technologies was very positive,” said Jason Rodriguez, marketing communications for Gore’s Military Fabrics business. “The chem/bio portfolio offers a different — and advanced — level of protection compared to other products in the market. We also had several briefings, and the reaction to FLEX2FIT™ and that product’s durability under duress was equally positive. People are very intrigued by FLEX2FIT™ and its durably waterproof and form-fitting capabilities.”

The chem/bio protective wear featured at the events included the new CPCSU-2 Flex Fit garment and a stretch undergarment, both designed with GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric. These new chem/bio innovations offer durable, broad protection and a reduction in thermal burden, while improving operational effectiveness.

Press reaction to the chem/bio portfolio, FLEX2FIT™ and GORE® Katana was very strong, and we have links below to videos and news stories generated at both shows.

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